Chicago International Charter School | Larry Hawkins is Hiring Certified Math Teachers K-12


Instruction/Education Responsibilities

• Plans and implements a program of instruction that adheres to the company’s philosophy, goals and objectives as outlined in the adopted courses of study.
• Makes purposeful and appropriate lesson plans which provide for effective teaching strategies and maximizes time on task.
• Presents subject matter to students to maximize learning opportunity and provides real-world, application based examples and learning opportunities.
• Reviews student records in order to develop a foundation of understanding regarding each student’s abilities and needs. Maintain accurate and complete student records.
• Strives to maximize the educational achievement of each student.
• Utilizes a variety/range of student learning modalities in each lesson and uses differentiated instruction within those lessons.
• Utilizes diagnostic assessment of student learning on a frequent basis.
• Maintains accurate and completes student records.
• Assesses student strengths and weaknesses on a frequent basis, provides appropriate activities to address student needs and generates progress reports as required.
• Refers students with suspected learning problems to appropriate support personnel.
• Assigns lessons, corrects student work product and reviews oral presentations.
• Coordinates class field trips (as required).
• Prepares students for state required achievement assessments.
• Keeps current in subject matter knowledge and learning theory and is willing to share this knowledge for the continual improvement of the school’s curriculum.
• Assists in the on-going curriculum revision process, including the revision of written courses of study.
• Assists in the selection of books, equipment, and other instructional materials.
• Becomes acquainted with supplemental services beneficial to students as an extension of regular classroom activities.

Provide a Classroom Environment Conducive to Learning
• Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of students.
• Maintains positive rapport with students; demonstrates patience and appropriate nurturing to assist in the growth of the child.
• Ensures classroom is clean, safe and includes student generated work on display as appropriate.
• Implements all relevant policies governing student conduct.
• Develops reasonable rules of classroom/playground behavior in accordance with CSUSA policy and guidelines, and maintains order in the classroom in a fair and consistent manner.

Instructional Planning

• Develops lesson plans consistent with established guidelines and goals.
• Plans individual and / group learning activities designed to meet instructional objective and students needs.
• Prepares for classes assigned and shows evidence of preparation upon request of supervisory personnel.
• Participates with other staff members in curriculum planning during designated meetings.
• Incorporates into planning all diagnostic information as required in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).
• Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect supplies, equipment, materials and facilities needed to implement effectively the planned instructional program.

School/Community Relations

• Strives to establish cooperative relations and makes reasonable effort to communicate with parents/guardians when appropriate.
• Communicates clearly, consistently and positively with parents via all appropriate mediums.
• Cooperates with members of the administration, other staff and with CSUSA.
• Maintains confidentiality regarding student records.
• Participates in parent communication activities.
• Participates in extracurricular activities to ensure a positive school culture and provide support for students and staff (as required).


Job Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree (BA) from an accredited college or university or equivalent.
• Possession of valid teaching certification (as appropriate).
• Minimum of one (1) to three (3) years successful teaching experience (may include Student Teaching Internship experience).
• Equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Command of grades/subject specific content and theoretical knowledge of learning theory, including motivation, reinforcement, evaluation and feedback techniques.
• Understanding of and commitment to company values.
• Successful results of criminal and employment background check.
• Effective instructional delivery techniques and excellent communication skills.
• Adherence to the requirements of the Code of Ethics for the Education Profession.
• Such alternatives to the above requirements as CSUSA may find appropriate and acceptable.


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