Crossing Guard-Village of Lincolnwood


Under supervision of the Deputy Chief of Police, provides assistance to children and other pedestrians in crossing at specified streets along school routes; and performs related work as required.​

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

· Assembles children and other pedestrians behind curb lines awaiting traffic lulls or signal changes.​

· Stops traffic and escorts pedestrians into the street allowing them to cross safely.​

· Instructs children in proper procedures for safe street crossing.​

· Reports students who do not adhere to safe street crossing procedures to appropriate school officials.​

· Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.​

Required Skills/​Education/​Experience

· A minimum of 18 years of age

· High School Diploma or GED

· Valid Illinois Driver’s License

· Illinois Rules of the Road

· Ability to communicate with children and adults effectively

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:
Must possess stamina to stand for long periods of time; mobility to escort pedestrians across streets; ability to work out of doors in all weather conditions and with exposure to traffic; vision to read printed materials and license plates; and hearing and speech to communicate in person.​

Hours & Compensation:

This is a part-time position.​ Crossing Guards are on duty between 7:40 am – 8:35 am and again between 2:40 pm and 3:30 pm.​ The hourly rate for this position is $12.​50.​

Application Process:

Send resume and cover letter to Charles Meyer, Assistant to the Village Manager, 6900 North Lincoln Avenue, Lincolnwood, IL 60712, or email: cmeyer@​lwd.​org.​ Electronic submission preferred.​ The position will remain open until filled.​


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