Security & Bouncers for Events!

Arete Event is looking to add Security & Bouncers for events throughout the Chicagoland area!


*Communication: Work at entrances. In addition, they will need to talk to unruly patrons and possibly communicate with police if an altercation happens.

*Decision Making: Need to be able to determine what to do quickly before a situation gets out of control.

*Honesty: Must be trusted by their employer not to allow underage people get into events or to let someone who is getting out of control stay on premises.

*Observation Skills: Need to be on the lookout for trouble, be able to see false identification, and generally be aware of their surroundings.

*Strength: If a physical altercation happens, need to be able to break up fights and physically eject people from the building or restrain them until the police can arrive.

*A high school diploma
*Applicants must be over 21
*1-2 years experience as a minimum
*Clean background & authorized to work in the US
*Self schedule system based on your availability!
*Competitive hourly rate!
*Shifts are 7-10 hours!
*Must be outgoing and enjoy the service industry and working with people!

Please apply by 12/8.


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