What does your social media profile/picture say about you?-Social Media and Employment Barriers

Social Media and Employment Barriers

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are social media outlets meant to communicate with family and friends for fun. We share pictures, quotes, and statuses for our followers to respond to and perhaps enjoy a laugh. However, as social media usage has increased, more and more businesses have taken advantage of the opportunity to communicate with followers. Be advised that there are business men and women who represent organizations on social media. Often these individuals will research their employees and potential candidates for employment.
Recruiters, without your knowledge of course, can scope out your public or private social media profile and gain insight about your character.

I pose this question to you: If I were a hiring manager and happened to see your facebook profile picture, what ideas could I gather about you or your character that would or would not persuade me to hire/interview you?

Are you a sweet/charming individual with a great smile?
Are you witty and comical therefore your profile is of a graphic nature (appropriate or not)?
Are you the party animal who doesn’t mind sharing with the world a pic of you and your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Are you a bit on the edge, love to bare skin, tattoos etc?
Are you affiliated with any groups: good or bad?
Think about these questions. Yes, your social media profile is your business; however you are sharing your life with the world. If there is any indication that your social media content could impact your ability to be hired, it is suggested that you change it.
Of course, I am just a blogger sharing information with you. However, I’d like to help each and every one of you (job seekers) to obtain employment.

Recruiters often share employment vacancies for me to post on Employment Suite. They are able to view the comments under each post anonymously. You don’t know who they are, but they just might know who you are when your application appears on their desk.
How have your portrayed yourself? Will they want to hire you?

Clean up your social media content. Make sure that information open to your followers can only be seen by them. Eliminate questionable or controversial content as this can be a barrier for acquiring employment. It’s all in fun, but remember someone could be watching. You want to ensure you are presenting the best version of yourself for potential employers.

Want some insight or suggestions on cleaning up your ‘social media image’? Click here to contact Employment Suite!


Good luck!


Caritha Miller

Employment Suite Founder




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