Community Resource Specialist-Chicago, IL

The Community Resource Specialist (CRS) supports the property management and community life work at Oakwood Shores’ 3750 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL property. The CRS is a dual function role incorporating roles and responsibilities pertaining to property management operations and community life and reports to the Senior Property Manager. The CRS will guide residents throughout the entire “life cycle” of living, including verification of information for move-in, rent collection, and renewable processes, as well as engaging residents in the appropriate community resources. The CRS also manages partnerships with community leaders and local service providers to expand opportunities for residents to access resources they need to achieve personal success.
Essential Functions:
  • Under direction of the Senior Property Manager, implement site priorities in line with the site’s TCB’s strategic objectives.
  • Guide residents through the process of obtaining and retaining quality stable housing by conducting lease signings, move in/move out processes, orientation, relocation (where appropriate), re-certifications and interim re-certifications, household inspections, household compliance and applicable reporting.  This is done by using Yardi Software System.
  • Administer HUD recertification paperwork.
  • Implement the Housing Stabilization Standards Of Practice (SOP) and facilitate open communication among all staff and among residents as it relates to the housing operational processes.
  • Responsible for completing the Semi-Annual Performance Report for HUD by using ETO database.
  • Manage programming including design, partnership development, implementation and assessment of progress.
  • Develop a network of referral linkage and senior community resources.
  • Develop relationships with key community stakeholders, service providers and partners. Manage administrative tasks required for securing and executing contracts with providers and partners to carry out programming.
  • Create and maintain a safe and secure environment for persons and property. Serve as a resource and response person for emergencies at the building.
  • Develop relationships with residents to understand their needs and aspirations and provide referrals to other TCB staff or external partners as appropriate.
  • Keep the residents informed of situations and emergencies, regulations and events in the building and for the community at large.
  • Conduct home visits twice per year along with apartment inspections.
  • Support and help facilitate community engagement strategies with residents, some of which may be resident-led, that reach beyond individual coaching and referrals.
  • Collect and input all program and performance data in the Efforts To Outcomes (ETO) database.
  • Monitor budget and activities for program operations, including meeting reporting requirements for all grant funded activities and managing progress towards fulfilling grant deliverables.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities and contribute best practices to the Professional Learning Communities.
  • Provide tenants with up-to-date information and paperwork support regarding programs such as Medicare and other entitlements, and formal supportive and social services.
  • Work closely with team members to ensure effective communication between site team including maintenance, community partners, agencies, funders, and TCB corporate support.
  • Responsible for resident records and tenant supports database (ETO) management for all tenant contacts, both for services implementation quality and for monitoring of data and client reporting requirements.
  • Represent organization in a professional and ethical manner when meeting with area agencies, funding bodies and community stakeholders.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, including but not limited to: senior staff, volunteers, interns, community partners, organization donors, media.
  • Ability to understand and respect values, attitudes, and beliefs that differ across cultures and to respond appropriately to these differences with residents and in planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and services.
  • Ability to collect, record and understand data in order to assess programs and partnerships to inform strategies.
  • Excellent communication, organization and writing skills.
  • Demonstrate ability to organize, advocate, problem-solve, oversee and provide results for elderly residents.
  • Successfully complete the 36 hours for the HUD Services Coordinator Program. (To be completed within 6 months of hire)
  • Ability to prioritize, multitasks, and be self-directed.
  • Knowledge of Yardi, MRI, Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) are a plus.
  • Certified to handle Tax Credit files. (Must be completed within 12 months of hire)
  • Proficiency with MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and other computer programs, as required.
Education & Experience:
B.A. a minimum, with skills and experience in affordable housing management, community outreach, community development, public policy, community organizing, education, social work or a related field with 3+ years of overall professional experience.



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